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Sommelier's Choice 18 - Mosaic at The Orient

Article from: – 19 July 2016 


In this popular series we feature selected sommeliers from top restaurants around the world. Each chooses his or her favourite Creation wine, tells us why and recommends a matching dish. This week we welcome Germain Lehodey from the art nouveau-style Mosaic at The Orient in Pretoria.

Germain says:

“Our restaurant has an excellent relationship with Creation and its people and the reputation of this young estate is really extraordinaire! Since Jean-Claude gave us a presentation of his wines two years ago we carry the full Creation range. I am French and he is Swiss, so we have similar ideas about wine production. I also find it important that he makes his wines to be served with food – it is therefore a pleasure to pair them with the creations of our chef, Chantel Dartnall.

The Creation Viognier is pale in colour and abundantly fruity and forthcoming. It is beautifully balanced with mineral tones and a great food companion. I selected this wine to go with a very complex and aromatic dish: the Millionaire’s Nest Egg, which consists of Quail Eggs, Black Truffle Paste and Courgettes. Eggs are not easy to pair but in this case the fresh natural acidity of the wine cuts through the film left on the palate by the egg. The earthiness of the black truffle of course gives extra dimension to the wine while the creamy texture of the wine is echoed by the courgette in the dish.

The inspiration for this dish comes from a variety of sources. The focus on the spirit of Mother Nature; the fact that black truffles are now in season – and last but not least our individual aspirations and desires to one day have our own modest nest egg grown in a treasure chest!”