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Latest Reviews


Sandy Bisschoff

I have been wanting to visit restaurant Mosaic for literally years and I finally got my chance during restaurant week! The food was spectacular - tasty, filling and beautifully presented. The bread cart was a special surprise - over 9 different types of bread to choose from with 5 different butters. Each course was a delight and I will definitely be back.



As always, outstanding cuisine with a poetic dimension. Sublime dishes, which vie in intensity and creativity, and exquisitely knowledgeable wine pairing by the sommelier. (Minor flaw: the robotic, dry presentation of each dishes by the waitresses.)


Lani Troskie

From the moment I got confirmation that we be going to Mosaic for lunch the excitement started! They spare no detail in making you feel like you are a special guest coming to visit. I would have thought that being restaurant week guests we would not have got the whole "mosaic" wrong I was! Chantel Dartnall herself came to tantilize our taste buds explaining the details of her menu. We were expecting a four course meal.....well the surprise course just kept coming... blowing our minds with flavors (rocket lemonade pallet cleanser) and stretching our adventurous sides. Melt in your mouth food with very generous portions! Not to mention the incredible artwork on the plate. Mosaic is not a place you go to have a fancy meal...... its a place you go to let your imagination mingle with your taste buds and explore places they have never been. I cant wait to go back to Mosaic to experience more of its magic! Wow!!! Just wow


Pieter Barnard

This restaurant is truly one of a kind. All the dishes always have a story behind it; and the taste experience is something that can't be described. There is a reason they are consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in the country.



Where each individual piece on the plate come together in a symphony of flavors. . . amazing


Brand and Cobi Wolmarans

The attention to detail were incredible, especially in the little treasures served before, in between and after the meal!


Leigh-Anne Timp

Our experience at Restaurant Mosaic was like seeing a Symphony Orchestra for the first time. . .overwhelming in a magnificent kind of way!

The service, passion and the boundless imagination & creativity is truly inspiring.

Absolutely anyone and everyone would take away something truly special from this experience.

We will be talking about our experience for quite some time to come :-)


Theresa van den Berg

My husband surprised us with a booking at Mosaic. We were so excited and my daughter couldn’t stop smiling all the way. What an absolute wonderful experience. This is truly the most amazing and exciting restaurant in Gauteng, We will always go back .


Yolande du Preez

Step into a world of flavours and wonder when you dine at Restuarant Mosaic. No ordinary lunch, but a wonderland on every plate. Beautifully prepared and served. The last little detail on every course made this an experience I will cherish for life. Thank you Chantelle for your personal toutch on every element in your restuarant.


Jennifer Dempster

I have been to many fine dining restaurants in the past few years, but nothing has ever compared to Restaurant Mosaic. When we arrived, I felt like I'd been transported to another country. We were greeted with a welcome drink and got to sit and relax before heading up to our table. We felt so incredibly special to have been spoiled on our anniversary (complimentary champagne and a lovely poem on the table). The food that came was absolutely delicious and one could see that an incredible amount of effort was put into making it look extremely beautiful on the plate as well. My favourite part was definitely the bread service (with 5 different butters) and actually getting to hear from the Chef about what was to come. I will go back in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone looking for something completely different and worthwhile.