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Latest Reviews


Eddie Schreuder

From the time you enter the premises to the time that it dawns on you that you are sad that its over and leave, the staff have a huge smile on their faces and they make the whole experience worth while. The staffs happiness is contagious and you then get drawn into smiling along. The chef's imagination and creativity is unparalleled and her ability to paint a picture and transport you into her world with her story telling and her food is such a great gift. We went their for our anniversary and we were blown away by the special attention we received and we love the personal touch that the Chef gave us and the rest of her guests. Really appreciate that she takes time out of her schedule and comes to talk to you. We will definitely be back and I will tell everyone I know about this gem. We need to support this kind of excellence in this country to showcase the level of skills we also have in this country.


Maretha Vermaak

Restaurant Mosaic NEVER fails to impress and deliver on absolutely every aspect of fine dining! Chantel and her team are the perfect hosts. The food was an amazing experience that stimulated every single one of our senses. The detail in each dish and the pure BEAUTY of it was unbeatable! You guys are an exceptional team and and everything from start (Christiaan and Immaculent who received us on arrival, the gardens and gallery) right through to our last coffee was in a class of its own. I did the connoisseur wine paring and Moses was pouring some of the best wines I ever had! I will continue to thrive on the delicacy of what I have tasted for a long time. Thank you for your personal attention, the chats at the table and all the treats. I will definitely be back!


Kurt & Olivia Schroder (Double Shift)

An incredible pleasure to again be with the team at Mosaic. A stunning, light and luxurious Spring menu, with "the usual" world-class service we love from Moses, Immaculate and Co. An absolute must.


Pieter Pieterse

Thank u for the best world class experience ever. Just what we needed in there strange times. Thank u for making us smile again !!!!


Renier & Lizette Labuschagne

Let’s be serious everyone’s perception about food differ but it’s absolutely amazing when you go to a restaurant and the Food is better than the previous time . Good better best!!! What I love love is that I can just feel that the staff is happy and proud - that only comes from the owners and it’s nice to be part there off. All of the best and hope you all the success.


Warren Kable

Truly memorable experience for myself and my wife. The food is the best that we have experienced, from attention to detail, to taste, to texture etc... it is on a different level and l was left with a new sense of appreciation for great food. The service levels are really good and we were made to feel very welcome. The personal attention received from both Chef Chantel and Mari was appreciated.


Charles Tietze

A truly masterful chef, extraordinary staff, lovely setting and extravagant building, allows one to be immersed in a gastronomic affair so detailed, that the memory of such an occasion will last for decades.


Sandy Bisschoff

I have been wanting to visit restaurant Mosaic for literally years and I finally got my chance during restaurant week! The food was spectacular - tasty, filling and beautifully presented. The bread cart was a special surprise - over 9 different types of bread to choose from with 5 different butters. Each course was a delight and I will definitely be back.



As always, outstanding cuisine with a poetic dimension. Sublime dishes, which vie in intensity and creativity, and exquisitely knowledgeable wine pairing by the sommelier. (Minor flaw: the robotic, dry presentation of each dishes by the waitresses.)


Lani Troskie

From the moment I got confirmation that we be going to Mosaic for lunch the excitement started! They spare no detail in making you feel like you are a special guest coming to visit. I would have thought that being restaurant week guests we would not have got the whole "mosaic" wrong I was! Chantel Dartnall herself came to tantilize our taste buds explaining the details of her menu. We were expecting a four course meal.....well the surprise course just kept coming... blowing our minds with flavors (rocket lemonade pallet cleanser) and stretching our adventurous sides. Melt in your mouth food with very generous portions! Not to mention the incredible artwork on the plate. Mosaic is not a place you go to have a fancy meal...... its a place you go to let your imagination mingle with your taste buds and explore places they have never been. I cant wait to go back to Mosaic to experience more of its magic! Wow!!! Just wow