An Ode to Mother Earth
Oh Mother
What have we done
The sands of time have brought us fear
Blue skies up high no longer clear
Ocean floors once sandy white
Now littered, scarred, pollution's plight
The tides are turning
The land is mourning
I am
Like a bird with a broken wing
Like a child without a dream
Like a well with no spring
Like a riverbed without a stream
Like a song that no one sing
We must
Again run through your fields of majesty
Hear your voice whispering in the trees
Listening to their towering melodies
See the dance of the honeybees
How they share their ancient memories
Find hope
When I look into my mother's eyes
I know this is my paradise
My refuge, holy place, my salvation
I watch the kiss of starlight in the sky
I see her Faerie magic f lying by
When woven in heaven's sweet scents
Moon beams warm nasturtium petals
Honeysuckle smiles like a crown
And under Achantus' leaf green settles
Dew drops dripping from Iris' gown
When I see the first new born fawn
And watch the moon pregnant in the sky
Flaming sunsets and early morning dawn
I can sing again, oh my, oh my, oh my.