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The Cellar

Mosaic has one of the most comprehensive wine cellars in South Africa, comprising of more than 80 000 bottles of wine under 5 500 different local, as well as international labels. The selection of brandies includes Armagnac and Calvados, unmatched anywhere else in South Africa. Not surprisingly, it has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Our Cellar Master journeys across the globe to bring some of the finest wines, champagnes and nightcaps for guests to sample. Wines are stored in several temperature controlled wine cellars on-site with a constant humidity of 70% and temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. The inventory of wines on offer is available to all the staff via a specialized wine program, providing comprehensive information, tasting notes, accolades, photos, articles, etc.

The highly acclaimed Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient has won the prestigious 2019 LaListe Award in Paris for the Best Wine List in the world, and was also selected as one if the top 200 Restaurant in the world. Mosaic was selected as one of 84 restaurants in the world, and is also the first restaurant from South Africa and the African continent to be awarded the 2018 Grand Award by US publication, Wine Spectator. The Tourism and Hospitality Counsel of South Africa meanwhile also named Restaurant Mosaic as Best Restaurant for 2018 and Chantel as Best Chef in South Africa 2018.
Wine Cellar

About Moses Magwaza

Mosaic's Sommelier Team is led by Moses Magwaza, who is the current holder of the coveted Eat Out Wine Service Award for 2018. He is currently completing his Level 3 with The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Born on the 17th of February 1981 in KwaZulu Natal, commis sommelier, Moses Magwaza, was originally employed by the Francolin Conservancy as a gardener. Cobus quickly noticed his potential and started introducing Moses to the world of wine, first appointing him as a waiter with the end goal of training Moses as an apprentice sommelier. Moses first enrolled in 2009 at the Cape Wine Academy and so started his academic pursuit into the fascinating wine industry. Today he is a proud graduate of the Cape Wine Academy (CWA) and International Wine Education Centre (IWEC), obtaining his WSET Level 2 accreditation successfully in 2016 and he aims to still complete his WSET Level 3 accreditation soon.

Wines from our Cellar

Restaurant Mosaic has been a specialist fine wine importer since 2009, focusing on directly importing rare European wines for our guests. Mosaic's emphasis is to focus on the best Estates and wineries in each fine wine region, with a a dedicated focus on European wines.

Gourmet Evenings

Mosaic offers a wide range of Gourmet evenings throughout the year. Visit our events calendar for the latest or view our archives for what could come again.

Cellar Awards

Some of our Wine Awards include:
        Diners Club International Wine List Awards